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Canadian employers are looking for professionals with business and work experience in Canada. This is what offers.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. innovates with a private school and its practical learning, mentoring and training department in a company - thus being one of the largest providers of business experience in Canada in the field of construction for graduates and professional immigrants, students engineers, architects, technicians and building designers, project managers, administrators, marketing experts and other specialties related to the world of construction and business. Our business and practical work experience acquisition programs are unique and designed to provide a first business and work experience for job seekers or also for those in a career change. You are looking for experience in a company but nobody wants to give you a chance? We will! After you will get a letter of recommendation allowing you to better find a job. In 2014, more than 150 trainees and job seekers from various schools, colleges and universities in Quebec, Canada and abroad attended our business experience programs. We are one of the leading private companies in business integration for job seekers in Quebec and Canada. See Facebook Construction Daniel Dargis Inc..

Clarifications: There is no work to be done, no remuneration and there are no jobs. It is not a job and there are no promises for obtaining one. These are job observation internships and networking experience: to learn, to be better informed and to establish contacts. It is 100% professional TRAINING for business & professionals by a private NON-governmental company. Like any company that offers training courses for professional improvement at the local level or those who go from one country to another to receive short training for professional improvement and therefore have better prospects and career opportunities or improve their business. The only difference is that this job OBSERVATION training without participation and without contribution to the projects is done by looking at and meeting other professionals and business people in action in Québec and in Canada who are allowed to work and to do business. Which allows participants to LEARN about how to do projects, learn to use software, speak French and English, ask questions to experienced people in Québec and Canada, establish very useful professional and business contacts and also meet other immigrants in Canada and thus be better informed. All of this happens in a practical context and not in classes concerned with theory. Once they are better informed, participants know what to expect before starting immigration procedures or are better trained to return to their countries and get a better job.

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Practical courses in a company

A company becomes a school to allow job seekers to acquire knowledge while being exposed to the realities of the workplace in Quebec, Canada.

Candidates learn and apply in concrete projects architecture and engineering software, such as: SketchUp, AutoCAD, Revit, V-Ray, Woodwork, Advance Design America ADA and others. They actively participate in operating a construction SME in Quebec, they learn and apply the codes and standards of construction in Quebec, participate in the marketing, business development and administration of the company and upgrade their knowledge of French and English. This, by working autonomously or in teams on projects under the supervision and guidance of experienced construction professionals.

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The advantages of work experience in acompany

Candidates are exposed to the real world of work, be it: to better clarify their career goals before starting a study program, to obtain a first work experience in Quebec while finishing a college or university study program or even for immigrants with no experience in Quebec, Canada to have a better idea of the world of work in Quebec, in practice. Candidates who stand out receive a letter of reference and appreciation from a company in Quebec, Canada in order to find a job more quickly.

This is an indispensable complementary program before, during or after a training development program in Quebec and in Canada or also for newly arrived immigrants wishing to clarify their career goals. offers the opportunity to meet employers, expand one’s network of contacts, clarify one’s career plans before starting a study program and accelerate obtaining employment.

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On the road of employment throughexperience

Businesses in Quebec and Canada are looking for professionals with a first work experience in Quebec. This first experience in Quebec, we offer it!

A first business experience is almost essential to get a job. Quebec and Canadian entrepreneurs are paying high salaries and do not have time and money to spend on training. These SMEs wish to hire prepared candidates who know the realities of working in Quebec, with a high degree of autonomy and capable of performing several tasks at once. These companies are not only looking for autonomous candidates capable of following and doing a job that was submitted to them, but especially professionals capable of initiative, enthusiasm, passion, determination, performance and the ability of bringing an SME to a higher level. Through experience in business, candidates acquire what employers are looking for.

SMEs represent 95% of the Canadian economy and they are an accessible target for experienced job seekers. It is this experience that is offered at allowing future engineers, architects, designers, managers, administrators and specialists in sales and business development to gain experience in several common tasks in: marketing, staff management, knowledge of norms and labor rules in the construction industry in Quebec, in administration and in many other fields.

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