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How to get work experience in a Canadian company

WorkExperienceinCanada.com was founded by Mr Daniel Dargis, engineer and general construction contractor, owner of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. since 1989. After many study and business trips abroad, and through his vocation of helping immigrants and graduating students seeking employment, Mr Dargis has set up a structure within his construction, renovation, design, architecture and marketing-in-Canada business network to offer integration programs for employment through practical sessions in the workplace. The purpose of these programs is to facilitate the obtaining of a job by satisfying the demand of employers looking for candidates with at least a first relevant work experience in Quebec and in Canada. These programs or incubation sessions to company practice are preludes to obtaining employment in Quebec and Canada. They can also serve to better understand the operation of a Quebec SME in the construction sector for those who wish to work as self-employed professionals or also for those who wish to start a business on their own account.

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. with WorkExperienceinCanada.com is more than a construction company. This is an important multidisciplinary network that receives and realizes various projects in several areas of construction such as: building engineering, architecture, interior design, construction and renovation, marketing and sales, computer graphics, administration and business development, and many others. Due to the multitude and variety of projects, the company can actually help students in their search for internships, graduating students and immigrating professionals looking for skills development and references to obtain a job, such as: engineers, architects, building designers, marketing, sales and business-development specialists, graphic designers, administrators, accounting clerks and many others.

This is the first construction company in Quebec and in Canada to create a pre-job practical training-in-the-field incubation department specially made to help job seekers obtain a first work experience in Quebec. Candidates first act as observers, and then they learn to master some software and practical work concepts in contact with experienced construction professionals and gradually candidates begin to implement this knowledge into practical and real projects. This while being in contact with professionals, companies, suppliers, customers and partners in projects like them coming from several countries and all of this while practicing French and English.

Thanks to a large business network

Categories of applicants

There are 6 types of candidates that can participate in these experiences in the workplace:

  • Those, BEFORE a study program in order to clarify a career choice;
  • Those, DURING a curriculum for a business internship;
  • Those, AFTER a study program (graduating students, graduates) to obtain a first relevant experience in a work environment under the supervision of professional experts with many years of experience in Quebec;
  • Newcomers graduate immigrants who are ALREADY in Quebec with experience in their countries but not in Quebec and who are having trouble finding a job for lack of a first work experience in Quebec in a workplace relevant to their career choice;
  • Business people from abroad who want more information and get a training about how to settle a business in Quebec and in Canada. Also, in order to get business assistance in order to make business contacts or to find business opportunities in Quebec and in Canada.
  • People in career transition, following: physical limitations due to age or accident forcing them to do other work, looking for a better future career or for other reasons.

Registration requirements

Applicants must meet the following registration requirements:

  • Pass a personal interview;
  • Select one of the unpaid training and business experience programs;
  • Possess and demonstrate a strong interest in the selected training and experience-in-business program;
  • Sign the participation agreement;
  • Provide one’s own work laptop and software to use, and boots, helmets and goggles to visit construction sites if required;
  • Be prepared to practice and use English and French as languages;
  • Be authorized by the Governments of Quebec and Canada to work, study in Quebec or to visit Canada;
  • There is no letter of invitation. Participants have to be able to come to Canada by their own means;
  • For those requiring mandatory internships, present a document from a school in Quebec or from abroad, recognized by the enterprise and requiring an internship for a duration of less than 4 months in order to obtain a diploma ;
  • Pay the registration fee.

Registration fees

The fees vary depending on the status of the candidates:

  • Fees of $1500 plus taxes for students of recognized college public teaching institutions in Quebec who must do an apprenticeship and a period of observation in the workplace to obtain their diplomas. This for a period of 1-3 weeks or 30-120 hours;
  • Fees of $2500 plus taxes per week, $10000 plus taxes per month, $40000 plus taxes for 5 months or $80000 plus taxes per year for all other candidates professionals, immigrants and graduates wishing to participate in training and work experience programs inside a Quebec Canadian company;
  • Fees of $5500 for five days or $14999 for 1 month plus taxes for the Canadian or foreign entrepreneurs and business people wishing to learn through real practical experiences in a Canadian company software for structural calculations, administration computering applied to construction companies in Canada and software in order to estimate Canadian construction projects. A package for starting a company in Canada. All this under the supervision of Canadian engineers, coach entrepreneurs and specialists in the construction industry in Canada.
  • Fees for a basic preliminary consultation by videoconference: $850/hour (for all)


Member of several associations in the Quebec building industry:

Member pf the Provincial Association of Builders Residential in Quebec province

Accreditation residential construction warranty in Quebec

Member of the network of engineers in Quebec

Member of the Engineering Association in the Quebec province

Member of the International Concrete Repair Institute Quebec Chapter

Training in the Real Estate Investment Club in Quebec

Member entrepreneur RBQ of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec

Accreditation SNELL for thermographic inspection