Alain Fortin VP témoignage
Alain Fortin

Vice-President Customer Claims Quebec Division

Intact Assurance

Montreal, Canada

We own a condo with a roof terrace. This roof was not developed. We have given the mandate to develop our roof to Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. Our mandate included a structure engineering segment, another in design and a "green roof" component. Mr Dargis has done some of the work with his team and outsourced the remainder to experts in their field.

We were extremely satisfied with the work done by each firm in the mandate. Mr Dargis and his team have shown great professionalism but what impressed us most is the rigor and accuracy which was demonstrated by the entire team. Such a level of desire for a job well done can only inspire total confidence.

We therefore recommend Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. for your works to be done!

Thank you!

Summer 2015

patrice vaguener dessinateur en batiment montreal
Patrice Vaguener

Building drafter

Ecole des metiers du Sud-Ouest EMSOM


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for having been giving the chance to do my internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.

Since the beginning of my internship, I have learned to be fast and efficient within the assignments giving to me as well as learning how to use Sketchup, a software for 3D, thanks to Mr. Dargis. I must say that I really enjoyed experiencing the different stages of design in a Multi-housing project giving to me and a fellow intern. The formula applied by Mr. Dargis is simple and especially effective to well understand customer’s wants and desires by helping an idea come to life.

The three weeks of experience at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. have allowed me to stay active in a workplace, as well as improve and to be better prepared for future work in the field drafting.

Winter 2016

Lester B Pearson Sources Adult Career Centre
Ardis Root


Sources Adult and Career Centre

Montreal, Canada

Thank you for hosting students from Sources Adult and Career Centre. Partnerships with companies such as yours allow our students to be exposed to the realities of working in the drafting field which is such an important part of their education.

The benefit to the students from this opportunity is very clear but we also hope that your company will benefit from the opportunity to work with a potential employee for a few weeks in order to assess their fit with your company. We appreciate input from our industry partners about changes in the industry that should be reflected in the material we teach and encourage you to share your thoughts with the stage teacher or with me.

Together with ourt teaching personnel and our students, I would like to thank you for participating in our graduates' training program.


Winter 2016

hong-seok-chang dessinateur en bâtiment
Hong Seok Chang

Residential Commercial Building Drafter

Sources Adults and Career Centre

South Korea

I am originally from South Korea where I was an urban planning engineer. I’ve been living in Canada for the past 2 years. Where I studied a Residential Commercial Drafting program at Sources Career Centre. Fortunately I was able to land an internship with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., where I was giving the opportunity to improve my current knowledge of existing construction and architectural.

At Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. I’ve learned a new 3D creative design software to which I can add to my ever growing work related tools. Although I’ve only been here for 3 weeks at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., I’ve had a chance to redesign the interior of a house, considered to be a very serious project with direct instructions and ideas from Mr. Dargis and the client. I really enjoyed designing the interior of the house which incorporated an exterior garden concept merge into the home. It was a breath of fresh air from the generic designs taught to us at school. In addition, learning the differences in the work environment between my home country of South Korea and Canadian standards has been quite exhilarating.

In turn, this internship has allowed me to get the precious knowledge and true experiences of the construction industry in Quebec, Canada. Thanks to Mr. Dargis for having faith in my capabilities. To everyone out there in this field do not hesitate to challenge yourself in life. Step by step we can change the world.

Winter 2016

Cathy Purdy building drafter montreal NOVA
Cathy Purdy

Residential and Commercial Drafter

NOVA Career Centre, Châteauguay

Châteauguay, Canada

Doing an internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is a unique experience! Not only do we apply there what we learn in school, but we also learn to use new company software like Sketch Up Pro in building design or other software for structure calculation in engineering. Another interesting work experience for me has been to directly contact clients in English or French, to assist them in creating customized home models, to make appointments with building contractors and develop presentation reports for real-estate projects.

Cooperation, leadership and the learning of skills for personnel management are important and these are also matters that one learns at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. Gradually, after an initial period of training, I have contributed to helping other interns begin their training. This is a practical and genuine professional work experience that can implement knowledge learned at school and help us to learn much more because there is, at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., a great variety of projects in: architecture, engineering, construction and renovation, interior design, management and administration and even in marketing and business development. It is thanks to this variety of projects that one can acquire not only knowledge but also discover and develop talents in order to become more autonomous professionally and thus become an asset to a future employer.

I am grateful for having had this opportunity to work with Mr Dargis, a great teacher, general contractor and engineer!

November - December 2015

Seyed Ali Ashrafi témoignage dessin batiment
Seyed Ali Ashrafi

Architectural drafter

Vanier College, Montreal


I graduated in mechanical engineering (Solid Design) in 2000 from Tehran Azad University. I worked in construction field for more than 15 years. After passing a course of Interior Decorating in Kennesaw State University and ACS (Computer Assisted Drafting) in Vanier College, I started to work as an intern in Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. It was a great experience for me to get familiar with Canadian working environment and Canadian construction rules and regulations as well. I could improve my drafting skills and upgrade my ability to work part of a team while working in a construction firm.

Summer 2015

Carlos Garcia ingenieur montreal recommendation temoignage
Carlos A. Garcia A.

Junior Engineer

École Polytechnique, Montreal


I really appreciate having done my internship with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. since this reference, being my first in Canada, was instrumental in getting a job in engineering.

I encourage young engineers and immigrants graduated in engineering to contact the company to talk about the possibilities that are available to them. Thank you to the President of the company and his entire team of collaborators.

Summer 2014

Ecole des metiers sud-ouest dessin batiment autocad
Michel Lachapelle


École des métiers du Sud-Ouest

Montreal, Canada

I would like to use this occasion to express my gratitude to you and your company for providing our students the opportunity to do an internship. This generous gesture allows our students to successfully complete their academic curriculum and put into practice the skills acquired during their vocational training.

This internship is part and parcel of the training curriculum for obtaining the Diploma of Vocational Studies and therefore your willingness to accept them contributes to the success of our students.

This collaboration between the EMSOM and your company is essential and a great support for our students and we are indeed very grateful to you for that.

Please accept, Monsieur Dargis, my very best regards.

Autumn 2015

charles gregoire architect jr
Charles Gregoire architecte jr.

Graduating in Architecture

McGill University

Montreal, Canada

It is when one begins one’s career that it is best to think outside the box and pursue ambitious goals. It is precisely such an opportunity that I have found at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. Each week I could test my skills by measuring my ability to realize projects which were stimulating and original for a student like me.

To this day, I can only but acknowledge the contribution of Mr Dargis in perfecting my education in architecture and construction. Through the confidence, the support and the training which the company offered me, I discovered the work methods of my profession in the office as well as in the field. So I keep the memory of a real and authentic experience in a field where the next generation is often relegated to the background. Moreover, I have acquired the skills necessary to support clients and for the realization of my current and future contracts. Today, this experience is the best part of my curriculum and I thank Mr Dargis for that personally.

Summer 2014

benjamin herman mechanical engineer
Benjamin Herman, engineering student

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering

Concordia University

Montreal, Canada

I learned a lot during this internship about the mechanics of a building and the energy efficiency of residential and commercial dwellings. Mr Dargis has given us the opportunity to take responsibility and control of our own project. This experience was truly an indispensable opportunity. Thank you, Mr Dargis for everything, and for his contribution to my success.

I want to tell you that I found employment in mechanical engineering at Rite Corp. Thank you so much for the internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. since it provided me with valuable experience and allowed me to obtain the tools needed to get a job and be successful!

Summer 2014

denys medichi engineer montreal canada
Denys Medichi

Junior Engineer

École Polytechnique, Montreal


This is a good opportunity to practice the software that is used in the field of construction in Montreal. Moreover, one is part there of an intercultural team and so, one learns to understand the nuances of communication. During this internship, you can make the comparison between your own experience and the requirements of Quebec. This is a good opportunity to build more confidence in relation to your knowledge.

Summer 2014

benoit dubord
Benoit Dubord

Real-estate owner

Montreal, Canada

I have done business recently with the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. service for two renovation projects in my duplex. With efficiency, a listening ear and speed, Mr Dargis and his team have delivered the goods for the execution of plans and specifications regarding changes to my basement apartment. They made the bachelor’s plans with important structural changes: enlargement of the garage and windows and moving of bearing walls; all of this with plans with three-dimensional view. For me it was urgent to have these plans and modifications to make practical changes and add some profitability to my building. What is interesting is the ability of the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. team to take measurements and release a comprehensive plan quickly.

I highly recommend owners to do business with Mr Dargis for expert advice and the full achievement of their objectives!

Thank you for your precious help, Mr Dargis!

Benoit Dubord, owner

Summer 2015

abdoul karim sylla architectural consultant
Abdoul Karim Sylla

Architectural consultant

Cegep Ahuntsic, Montreal

Paris, France

Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has been a great opportunity for me to acquaint myself with Canada’s standards in Montreal. One of the things I most appreciated was the fact of meeting people from many different backgrounds: engineers, graphic designers, architects and draftsmen with whom I talked about career prospects and the various technological working tools. Mr Dargis gives much freedom to his employees while still remaining rigorous on professionalism.

During my internship I was able to meet clients, visit the sites to renovate and make my proposals to customers. And to top it off, I got a job with the reference of Mr Dargis who is well known in the field of construction in Montreal. I encourage anyone looking for experience or who is struggling to find a place for himself, you will be a winner every time.

Summer 2014

miguel enrique genovese soares
Miguel Enrique Genovese Soares

Junior Engineer, Ph.D.

University of Brasilia


When one arrives from abroad in Quebec, all one wants is the opportunity to demonstrate the professional skills acquired over several years in another country. But how to do this if the job market requires local experience from us? This is the great value of doing an internship with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. One really learns to know oneself while working on Quebec territory. One becomes familiar with the technical terms, tools, materials, Quebec ways of building and of conducting the business of civil construction. This was the opportunity we were waiting for. It is a door that opens and, I am sure, that it will lead me to the path I want to follow.

September 2015-present

stanisla babeli ngulu architectural technologist
Stanisla Babeli Ngulu

Architectural technologist

Collège St-Laurent

Ukraine - Congo

To complete my college education, I had to do an internship in a company that specializes in the field of construction. I had the opportunity to do my end-of-study internship at the company of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. It was a very rewarding experience for me because I could apply what I had learned during my college training in a work context. The internship helped me to understand in detail the construction sector and the different actors of this business. I also had the chance to meet different constraints and problems related to construction.

One benefit of this internship is that there are a variety of tasks. One can participate in many activities such as taking building surveys, draw house plans, meet with clients, meet the project coordinator, participate in presentations and make site visits.

For people who come straight out of educational institutions and who want to obtain experience in the field of construction, this is the perfect place to start. Not only our knowledge deepens there, but we also learn to work in teams, to communicate and learn about task management.

Thank you very much, Mr Daniel Dargis, for giving me an opportunity in your company and for having displayed confidence in me throughout my internship. I learned a lot of things and without you, this experience would not have been possible.

Spring 2015

pro reno design montreal
Pro Réno Design

Renovation company

Montreal, Canada

We have repeatedly used the advice and expertise of Daniel Dargis, engineer, for the development of plans and specifications for our important home renovation projects. We have retained the services of Mr Dargis in the design of plans and specifications for the abolition of bearing walls and the design of new support beams.

His work is very well done, he meets the deadlines, his plans are complete and ready for permit applications to the city. Reno Pro Design Inc. is a company specializing in home renovation and we are completely satisfied with the services of Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. and we recommend them to you highly!


kelvin reyes ingenieur montreal
Kelvin Reyes

Junior civil engineer

École Polytechnique, Montreal

Dominican Republic

A fine opportunity for those willing to contribute their gifts and skills as well as a chance to enhance their potential leadership capacities.

Summer 2014

patrice leduc ets ingenieur montreal
Patrice Leduc

Civil engineering student

ETS École Polytechnique, Montreal

Montreal, Canada

My internship done at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. was a revealing experience for me because of my passion for building engineering. All throughout my 15 days of internship my main task was to study and reproduce the structure of plans on Autocad.

So this has allowed me to see the scope of the work to be done in the field of construction and acquire basic skills for reading engineering plans. Moreover, this experience was rewarding and enjoyable, mainly because of the good coordination of all the interns and trainees managed efficiently by Mr Daniel Dargis, Eng.

This is why I strongly recommend this company for a first immersion in the labour market.

Thank you, Mr Dargis, for your diligence and your dedication to the employment preparation of future workers in Quebec construction.

Winter 2013

mohammad mohtasham building drafter iran montreal
Mohammad Mohtasham

Building estimator

LaSalle College, Montreal


In 2008 I graduated in civil engineering at the Azad University of Tehran. I have 5 years of experience as a supervisor on work sites in refinery civil engineering and 5 years as a building construction engineer. After completing a program in estimation and evaluation of buildings in 2015 at LaSalle College in Montreal, I did an internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. This experience has been very fruitful for me. It allowed me to familiarize myself with the Canadian work environment and also with the code and standards in the construction business in Canada. I have improved my building drawing skills within a good work atmosphere.

Autumn 2015

gustavo quevedo building drafter montreal colombia
Gustavo Quevedo

Building Draftsman

Vanier College, Montreal


I would like to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for having been able to do my internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. This was a great opportunity to experience the work place environment in Quebec. It was also an effective way to learn certain aspects of the code and building standards in Canada and to share with other student interns of different nationalities their experiences and knowledge, in addition to my studies in Canada.

The most professionally rewarding part of this experience is having been able to work on different stages of the design of a construction project and personally to have had the opportunity to do so through social activities of outings and in the meetings at work. I am convinced that this is the beginning of a fruitful success of my professional career in the field of construction and design.

Autumn 2015

Nicole Yixuan Ji building drafter montreal china
Nicole Yixuan Ji

Residential and commercial building drafter

NOVA Career Centre, Châteauguay


I am a student in residential and commercial drafting. The internship is an integral part of the program and I must complete it. I really appreciate the time spent at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc to finish my internship. All throughout my 120 hours of internship, I learned a lot. I got an opportunity to practice my skills learned in school and reproduce the architectural plans, and I also learned the methods of measurements and different software. In addition, I also got a chance to do a house inspection and talk with an expert architectural consultant. This is a really good opportunity for those who are keenly interested in architecture or engineering.

Don’t hesitate! Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is the perfect place for you!

Thanks for your support, your patience, your company and for giving me this precious opportunity, Mr Daniel Dargis.

Autumn 2015

boubekeur habib architectural consultant bim
Boubekeur Habib

Expert architectural consultant

Cegep André-Laurendeau


Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. was my first gateway to the North American world of construction. Having graduated in architecture outside of Canada, I knew nothing of local construction techniques. With this firm, I learned not only the construction techniques and the different tools used, but also the culture of work in Quebec and to adapt myself especially to the new measurement system.

In addition, after several projects realized with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., it was on his recommendation that I managed to get my first job. You will not regret to spend some time there to obtain your experience. The experience obtained there is worth much more than diplomas.

2011 - present

samuel david patience building drafter montreal
Samuel David Patience

Drafting Technician

Sources Adults and Career Centre


When I received the opportunity to do my internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. in beginning of 2016, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I had an initial meeting with Mr. Dargis to assess my capabilities and for him to show me around the office, along with the many projects he has worked on and completed over the past 25 years. My time at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. was an eye opening experience with a lot more than I could have ask for in terms of project involvement.

Within the first week I was giving the opportunity to show my adaptability to learning a new 3D modeling software called SketchUp. Within a couple of days Mr. Dargis saw the way I naturally molded into a team leader and had me switched into the office next to him to commence the realization of a concept design of a multi-family dwelling for a potential client. I spent just about 7 work days touching up and finalizing an AutoCAD file from a previous intern into a realistic 3D model of semi-detached condo. I also fell into the role of training the new interns during their first day by helping them familiarize themselves with a new software and following up on their progress. The project giving to me, came with a lot of freedom in respects to the project design but of course within the regulations of the city where the residential building would be built. Throughout the project I had to coordinate the work load with a fellow intern and manage our time accordingly to get the project completed and ready to propose to the future client.

Thanks to these real world scenarios at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc., I was able to train fellow interns, coordinate proper time management and complete a project from A to Z. All from which I truly learned valuable and unforgettable work related knowledge.

Winter 2016

veronique brulotte building owner
Véronique Brulotte

Roof Design Planning

Montreal, Canada

We have consulted Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. to construct a roof terrace around our condo. From the first contact with the team, we felt that our project was in good hands! First the whole team came to us to take specific measurements and discuss our tastes, our expectations, our ideas and our budget.

Very soon after, we were summoned to the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. office to meet the entire team which had worked on our project. We met great people, professional and enthusiastic, who showed us 3D maps, in colour, of our terrace.

Everything was beautiful! We loved the original design, which was tailored to our needs. I have nothing but good comments regarding the service we procured from Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.!

Spring 2015

nova education centre
Jean Bouchard

Centre Director

NOVA Career Centre

Châteauguay, Canada

I would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to you and your company for your acceptance of our students to complete their work-studies with your company and by offering our students the opportunity to maximize their potential and prepare for today's labour force.

As part of our training philosophy, we believe that students must experience the reality of working in their chosen field within a company offering training experiences. The work-study is an integral part of the programme and all students must complete one to obtain the Vocational Diploma for their chosen field.

It is due to partnerships with companies such as yours that allows many of our students to be exposed to the realities of working in the Drafting field and we thank you for that.


Summer 2015

emmy keane laureta vanier college montreal
Emmy Keane Laureta

Architectural drafter

Vanier College, Montreal


Working at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is something that I will cherish and will never forget. I have graduated in 2009 but I never had an experience working in a construction firm and practice my profession and so I consider working here as one of the highlights of my life. It gave light to the things that I have been looking for and is now leading me to where I always wanted to go. It made me feel that finally, everything is falling into the right place. This company is the starting point to the future that I have dreamed.

It gave me a whole new perspective of my life. I thought I would never be able to actually apply what I have studied. It is a perspective that I wanted- amazing! My passion in architecture is finally coming out of me again. The urge for me to design a building is magnified that it took me so long to do an actual project that Mr. Daniel had given me. I just want it to be perfect!

Since my first day, Mr. Daniel and my co-interns were very kind to me. They made me feel I belong even if I’m just a novice. The environment is very professional. Whenever I finish a certain task, Mr. Daniel will never miss to say a compliment and never forgets to say thank you. People here help each other with a smile on their faces. They are a motivation for me to come to the office everyday and at the end of the day, I leave with a light heart. I have learned a lot from them- teamwork and respect. And this is all because, we see a good example from Mr. Daniel.

When I came to do my internship here, I thought I would just be sitting in a table and just do drawings. But it made me happy that I get to do things to enhance my skills-even unrelated skills. I was given the chance to design a building from floor plans to exterior elevations. I was taught a new skill- SketchUp drawing and animation. I also experienced on-site visits and see actual renovations and future projects. Decorating, filing and arranging something are good diversions from computer and sitting all day. There are lots of things you can learn at Construction Daniel Dargis and expect guidance and assistance when you do it.

Thank you Mr. Daniel for the wonderful experience!

Autumn 2015

maxime levesques engineer montreal canada
Maxime Lévesque

Junior Structural Engineer

École Technologie Supérieure, ETS

Montreal, Canada

I enjoyed my experience at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. until now because it allowed me to see what the daily work with a contractor implies. I learned many practical things about construction through real projects, and we do not learn these things in school. As a junior structural engineer, I had the opportunity to be introduced to the design of wooden structures and learn multiple software used in the industry. My duties and responsibilities have rapidly diversified and I am grateful for the confidence granted me by Mr Dargis.

Also, I could learn more about my personality, my way to approach a new situation, my strengths and weaknesses. Equally, I love teamwork, we are constantly in contact with each other, there is an exchange of ideas to solve problems and we learn more in these situations. Finally, I am convinced that this experience has improved my resume and will make it more attractive for employers.

February - November 2015

jamil el-kazma engineer montreal canada
Jamil El-Kazma

Junior Structural Engineer

Master’s degree from the University of Toronto, Canada


Besides bringing me practical experience in engineering, internship-training with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has allowed me to develop technical skills and working relationships in my interactions with others. I learned to use different software and methods of practice in engineering that are used in the construction industry in Quebec, Canada. This has been a very rewarding experience.

July - November 2015

marie-josee beaulieu immeubles beaulieu inc
Marie-Josée Beaulieu - Immeubles Beaulieu Inc.


Montreal, Canada

We own a rental building on the Montreal south shore.

We asked Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.a few times to do some renovation and repair work in our building.

All work was always carried out to our great satisfaction. With its team and experience acquired over the years. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. is a benchmark of quality and professionalism.

We highly recommend its services.

Thank you to the whole team!

Summer 2005 - present

centre de formation professionnelle riverains
Hélène Bibeau

Directrice adjointe

Centre de Formation Professionnelle Riverains

Repentigny, Canada

Nous vous remercions d'accueillir nos élèves inscrient au programme de dessin du bâtiment pour un stage d'intégration dans votre entreprise.

Nous vous rappelons que la durée de stage prévue est de 120 heures.

En acceptant de superviser nos stagiaires et de participer à leurs évaluations, vous contribuez grandement à leurs formations et à l'excellence de futurs employés qualifiés.

Veuillez recevoir nos salutations distinguées.

Autumn 2015 - Winter 2016

gelanaz hemati engineer iran canada
Gelanaz Hemati

Engineering Consultant


Mr. Dargis, thank you for your leadership and your support throughout my internship. I learned a lot and you were able to transmit your expertise to me with professionalism which allowed me to meet with the experiences of Canada. Thank you for all this great energy!

Summer 2014

hakim djahed clerck accountant
Hakim Djahed

Expert in Accounting

Cegep André Laurendeau, Montreal


Following my training in accounting, an internship was needed to enter the labour market and to relate my experiences already acquired with professional life in Quebec. Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. offered me the opportunity to complete my internship in a welcoming and friendly place. This professional environment allowed me to complete my academic knowledge by giving me access to accounting software and new management and accounting techniques. Also, this internship allowed me to find a job very quickly.

I encourage all people with experience coming from outside Quebec and young graduates to try an internship with Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. because it is the perfect place to start a career.

I thank Mr Daniel Dargis, Eng., for his understanding, patience and for giving me this opportunity that I consider the best start of my new career.


hassan toumi clerck accountant
Hassan Toumi

Expert in Accounting

Rosemont College, Montreal


At the end of my training in accounting, I found the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. company which opened its doors for an internship that helped me to complete my previous experiences and to integrate the labour market. With the professional and warm welcome from Mr Daniel Dargis, Eng., I learned a lot that I did not encounter during my training.

Mr Daniel Dargis, thank you for your patience and the support you have offered me and I advise all newcomers to Quebec to come and practise at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.


chantal ngondo architecture
Chantal NGONDO

Consultant in architecture

CEGEP André Laurendeau


Doing an internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. was an enriching experience for me in every way: 1) the opportunity to upgrade myself relative to Quebec construction standards and practice the skills acquired during my training with appropriate and totally up-to-date tools; 2) the work environment is multidisciplinary and multicultural, there was opportunity to interact with different people who gave us the benefit of their experience and, finally; 3) the opportunity to acquire professionalism and a first work experience in construction on Quebec soil.

Thank you very much to Mr Dargis for making this possible by accepting us in his team…

Spring 2014

chantal godin building designer
Chantal Godin

Building Designer

École des Métiers du Sud-Ouest Montréal

Montreal, Canada

I had the privilege of doing my internship in the Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. team, and allow myself to develop a good experience as a building designer. Mr Dargis greatly supported us in our journey besides making us discover the construction sites and participate in several projects. Today graduated with a DVS in building design I had a great experience within the team of Mr Dargis whom I greatly thank for allowing me to fulfill a life project.

Spring 2014

algerien en stage montreal genie construction
Fouzi Barka

Civil Engineering Technician

Cégep du Vieux Montréal


My practical experience within Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. has been very beneficial and rewarding technically and relationally. This experience allowed me to discover the systems and methods of operation at a construction company and also led me to improve my technical knowledge through collaboration with a brilliant team. Relationally, I learned to work in a team, manage my contacts with my colleagues and organize myself to accomplish my missions.

I want to thank Mr Dargis for his collaboration and support and for the opportunity he offers to students, firstly to give them the opportunity to do an internship in his company and secondly to offer an ideal framework during the internship.

Summer 2014

colombian intern in canada in drafting
Magner Enrique Mayorga

Building Designer

École des Métiers du Sud-Ouest Montréal


When doing the internship I had a great experience at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. because I participated in projects that were related to construction. I worked with engineers, architects and colleagues in building design. Each one of them has contributed ideas, knowledge and skills to succeed all the projects that we developed all the time by working under the direction of engineer Daniel Dargis who also gave us tips to succeed in the labour market.

If you want to have Canadian work experience I encourage you to contact Mr Daniel Dargis, Eng.

Winter 2015

anderson borregales engineer montreal construction engineering
Anderson Borregales P.Eng., M.Eng

Engineer Site Canada Micropiles Anchors and Grouting LTD

Concordia University, Montreal


In 2013, when I lost my job, I had the opportunity to participate in the experience of doing an internship and, later-on, working in engineering at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. This allowed me to complete the experience as a junior engineer in Quebec and become, after a few months, a senior engineer, member of the Order of Engineers of Quebec.

The formula proposed by Mr Daniel Dargis, Eng., is innovative and allows to learn many things by conducting real, varied and practical projects in structural engineering and building design. Professionals from many countries have the chance to work in a team, help each other and develop a sense of autonomy.

This business experience allowed me to stay active in the workplace, to improve myself and be better prepared to get a job. After a few months I got indeed another job.

I recommend this experience in a company.

Autumn 2013 - Winter 2014

nicolas saikali junior engineer canada toronto
Nicolas Saikali

Junior engineer

McGill University, Montreal / Master in Toronto


Following my studies in civil engineering at McGill University I had the opportunity to participate for several months in an engineering internship at Daniel Dargis Construction in 2014. I learned a lot during my training there: I had the opportunity to visit several construction sites, to draft technical reports based on the building code under the direction of Daniel and meet experts in engineering and construction for the development of several projects. My internship experience under the mentorship of Mr Dargis also taught me to improve my communication, project- management and leadership skills. It was a professional experience in a dynamic environment that allowed me to start my career in engineering.

Currently, and largely thanks to my internship experience, I was accepted and I am pursuing my Master's degree in construction project management at the University of Toronto.

Winter 2014

zachary ziyuan li china montreal building drafter
Zachary Ziyuan Li

Residential and commercial building drafter

NOVA Career Centre, Châteauguay


I finished my 120 hours of internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. Those 120 hours went by so fast but they still brought a lot of technical improvement to me when I was working with Mr Daniel.

While here, I got to learn to know tools for taking measurements and I used them at the beginning. The application of the knowledge that I learned in school on how to do the project strengthened my drawing skills a lot. In addition I’ve learned to use a brand-new software with the instructions of Mr Daniel.

Doing an internship is mainly intended for getting ready to work. Mr Daniel provided me opportunities to go on inspection tours and get in touch with clients. One project was even a hundred miles away from the company which was quite a precious experience for students like me who had never been able to do so at school! It helps me to know much more about the construction field in Quebec, and how things are done in real projects.

Moreover, studying here in Montreal as an international student, I felt grateful to join Mr Daniel’s internship team. I’m not a good French speaker yet, but Mr Daniel and the interns here respected me as they always spoke English with me, and, while listening to the French conversations between them I also improved my knowledge and grasp of the French language. We learned together, did projects together, and went on external activities together.

In these few but very valuable 120 hours I’ve already obtained experience so priceless that it cannot be measured in terms of money!

Thank you for all those things!

Autumn 2015

rex li xingran chine montreal dessinateur en bâtiment
Rex Li Xingran

Residential and commercial building drafter

NOVA Career Centre, Châteauguay


I did an internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc for 3 weeks. It was very interesting and I learned a lot while I was doing my internship there.

I went to building sites with Mr.Dargis and other co-workers. We got in touch with our clients in their houses. I did the measurements for the house, and I drew the plans in Autocad with template and notes. The most remarkable thing I think that I did is that I learned how to work with SketchUp. It is an amazing software that I had never seen before! It is able to show clients how they want their work done. The clients can then see the final result in a 3D model. I am very satisfied about collaborating with my other co-workers during my internship. Their attitude towards work inspired me so much!

I am very glad to have done my internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc.!

Autumn 2015

haroun bousmid algeria montreal building drafter
Haroun Bousmid

Building drafter

Ecole des metiers du Sud-Ouest EMSOM


I came from Algeria to follow a DCS training in building design. After two years of training, my educational institution requested from me that I find myself a company to do an internship.

An internship in a company is an essential part of the training program. It helps to become familiar with the professional world and to put into practice our theoretical knowledge. An internship can prove to be a good springboard for obtaining a first job. It is therefore very important to properly choose the company with whom to do the internship. So I applied and offered my services as a designer in order to do an internship at Construction Daniel Dargis Inc. From the first day in the company I have been actively involved in the workplace and I have learned to work with a new 3D design software called SketchUp. I also had the opportunity to realize several multi-housing project designs assisted by the guidelines and the ideas of Mr Daniel Dargis who really helped me a lot during the entire period of my internship.

Generally speaking, this internship allowed me to have a solid experience in the field of construction and labour standards in North America. All of this thanks to Mr Daniel and his advice for which I thank him a lot as well as for his warm welcome!

Winter 2016